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The Daily Grind: Which MMO has made the best progress since its poor launch?


As Tootie would attest, it's a fact of life that MMOs never reach a fully-developed, fully-finished state. They're constantly in progress, as an endless wave of balancing, bug-fixing, content addition and even major renovating lies in their future. So when a less-than-perfect -- or even disastrous -- MMO launches, there's always hope that the devs can pull a 180 and turn it from an ugly duckling to a soaring swan.

We all know several titles that disappointed us on launch day and perhaps made us swear off that game forever. Collectively, we are not kind to such games and are free to say so across the entire planet with this new-fangled World Wide Web. But today I'd like to get past these initial impressions to ask a follow-up question: Which MMO has made the best progress since its poor launch? Which title took a beating from fans initially, but honestly deserves some respect now that the devs have had time to polish, add and improve the game?

For myself, it would have to be Star Trek Online, which completely underwhelmed me this past winter. However, over the course of this year I've seen the devs address many (although not all) of the major complaints, add a lot of new content, raise the level cap and -- most importantly -- improve communication with the players. So what about you? Which game has made the best progress?

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