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WoW Moviewatch: Moments in Life


Moments in Life is an odd little movie. A human is lingering around town and trying to find something to do with his time. First, the human encounters a priest who berates him in public. Then he comes across a tauren woman. The man feels compelled to pick a fight with the tauren, who then completely loses her mind and beats him up. The human parks his butt where he can mope, when a night elf woman offers to help out. There's a quick cut, and then we find out they spent the night together.

I don't really know what to make of the video. I think we can definitely see the earmarks of Romire's attempts to improve his skills. There are some places where I wonder if the animation went a little wonky or if there were artistic choices being made, but overall, the animation was pretty smooth. The script just felt choppy to me and a little exaggerated. Not necessarily my favorite piece ever, but I think Moments in Life shows promise for the future.

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