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Windy City Rumble: Highlights from the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Chicago Fight Club

The wristband pictured above isn't just a charming, retro-stylized fashion accessory -- it was our ticket into one of the most exclusive events held in Chicago last evening: The Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Fight Club. We didn't see a lot of you guys there (tsk, tsk), so we've gathered up our favorite photos taken during the proceedings and placed them in the gallery below. Basically, we'd like to be your wristband into the event. And, since it took place last night, we guess we'd like to be your time machine, too.

We tried as best we could to capture the feel of the event in photos -- like the excitement of the frequent, close matches where fortunes were reversed in the final seconds of a bout; or the surreality of seeing people cover themselves in fake shiners and busted lips. There was also general confusion around a decapitated Servbot head, which, we're almost certain, we never saw anybody wear during the evening. Was it some kind of warning? We may never know.

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