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Q-Games' Dylan Cuthbert considering PixelJunk Monsters 2


Q-Games has retooled, tweaked and enhanced nearly every game in the PixelJunk series thus far. However, PixelJunk Shooter 2 is the first true sequel in the franchise. Considering the vast amount of new features thrown into the upcoming PSN game, Cuthbert argues that it merits a numeric bump in the title. (We'd agree!) But would he consider making a true sequel to one of the earlier PixelJunk games?

The answer appears to be yes. "We want to make a PixelJunk Monsters 2," Cuthbert said during a Tokyo Game Show meeting. However, even if the team began working on a Monsters 2, it would likely be a long time coming. Cuthbert said a sequel could be part of Q-Games' envisioned "Series 2, so it will be 3D in some way." (Series 2 would be a second set of PixelJunk games designed with 3D graphics, as opposed to the studio's current set of games, "Series 1," which are all 2D games.)

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