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European Union closes Apple investigation

Mel Martin

I think we can call this one "saved by a policy change." Earlier this month, Apple changed its rules and is now allowing developers to use third-party tools for creating apps for iOS devices. In a statement released this weekend, the EU said it welcomed Apple's changed policies, and that the investigation would be closed.

Apple also loosened policies on cross-border warranty repair of computers and iOS products. Previously, people who bought a product in one EU country and tried to have it fixed under warranty in another EU country encountered red tape or a refusal to fix the product, but apparently that issue's been fixed as well.

This recent change is on top of Apple settling a case with the US Department of Justice that dealt with agreements between major tech firms about not poaching employees. The settlement involved other companies including Pixar, Google, and Intel. Apple is clearly getting a bit more liberal in the way it runs the business. There's nothing like a little competition and litigation to get things moving.

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