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How character customization works for worgen-Gilneans


We've had quite a few questions about how player will customize their worgen characters in Cataclysm. Well, behold the image above for about the simplest explanation possible. As you change each feature on the furry worgen, the corresponding feature on the Gilnean form will also change. You do not choose these characteristics independently of one another.

We're still in beta, so the whole thing could change. But right now, you select which of the two views you want to see close up. Changing Skin Color alters the fur on your worgen shape and the skin of your Gilnean shape. Toggling the Face section changes the face of both your furry form and human form. Changing the Hair Style on your characters will change which hair cut you have in human form, and the shape of your mane in worgen form. Hair color doesn't seem to do anything right now, but changing your Facial Hair changes the worgen ears; if your character is male, it will also change the style of your beard and moustache. Females have no facial hair in beta at this time.

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