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T-Mobile USA fires up first solar-powered cell site in Pennsylvania

Darren Murph

A solar-powered cell site? In Pennsylvania? Say it ain't so! Rather than heading to Death Valley or southern Nevada, T-Mobile USA has selected the bustling metropolis of Chalfont, Pennsylvania for its first US-based solar cell site. According to a report over at GigaOM, the carrier isn't dishing any real details on the new development, only saying that it generates enough power to take the site "off-the-grid" and occasionally feed extra power back into said grid. It's likely that the site is primarily being built for positive PR and as a test for future rollouts, as the actual cost for installing this versus a standard grid-powered site is "around two to three times more." But hey, there's nothing like looking forward to the karma that comes with giving Ma Earth a kiss this big, right?

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