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Activision and Eutechnyx making NASCAR The Game 2011


The rumors are true. Activision is now publishing NASCAR games, after EA's abandonment of the racing license. As if to rub it in, the first Eutechnyx-developed racer has been named NASCAR The Game 2011. As in "the only game." ESPN revealed that Activision is acting as a distributor for the title, and the licensing deal is between NASCAR and Eutechnyx directly.

"[NASCAR] really got excited about this because this isn't some big publisher using some anonymous external developer," Eutechnyx's North American EVP Ed Martin told ESPN. "We are out there with these guys. We are working with not only NASCAR, but the drivers and the R&D center and the engine builders and everyone is really excited about the fact that we are right there with them. Eutechnyx owns the license, we're developing the game, and it's a dynamic partnership with Activision. They've been great to work with."

NASCAR The Game 2011 will be in stores in February 2011, for Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii.

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