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Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition hits on Oct. 26


Not content with delivering some of this year's most promising games, October has also decided to become a haven for new versions of last year's standout titles. Living a year behind the rest of us has its benefits, as illustrated by the (now officially announced) "Ultimate Edition" of Dragon Age: Origins.

Okay, so perhaps the actual illustration on the cover -- depicting slightly smaller cover illustrations -- isn't entirely elegant, but how else do you convey such an impressive amount of value for a $60 video game? Launching on October 26 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC, the Ultimate Edition packs in BioWare's acclaimed fantasy RPG, the Awakening expansion, all 7 downloadable add-ons (including Witch Hunt) and 37 billion hours of tactical party management, intriguing conversation and moral handwringing.

If the folks at BioWare really want to pile on the pressure, they'll slip in a note that says, "Hey, try to wrap this up by March, 2011."

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