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Microsoft: Xbox Live is 'most unique thing' about Windows Phone 7


You know what the biggest problem with Xbox Live is? No, it's not that pesky friend limit -- it's the fact that I'm not connected when I'm getting my half-dairy mocha whip down at the Starbucks. Or how when I'm at the grocery store, picking up some veggies, I can't trash-talk with my bros and stay plugged into my virtual world. You know Neo was, like, hooked up to the Matrix the entire time. How do you think he got so good at it?

In all seriousness, Microsoft general manager Matt Thompson thinks that being connected all of the time is the biggest selling point of the new Windows Phone 7 OS, Venture Beat reports. That's what Microsoft hopes will give it an edge over Apple and its iPhone.

"Clearly the phone is you, so the most unique thing we're trying to do is bring Xbox Live so you can carry the online 'you' into the rest of the world," he said. Sure, it makes sense -- a gamer spends a lot of time building up Gamerscore and participating in that virtual world, so giving them a way to spend even more time there seems like a given. We just think Thompson's selling the whole thing short: it's all about that FM radio. Finally, we can listen to NPR on our phone!

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