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Tales from Space: About a Blob now PS3 exclusive, backed by Sony's 'Pub Fund'


Tales from Space: About a Blob joins the slowly-growing list of games taken in by Sony's "Pub Fund" program. Like Burn Zombie Burn and Joe Danger before it, the title will enjoy additional marketing support from Sony in exchange for exclusivity to the PlayStation Network. "Unlike most publishing deals, the SCEA Pub Fund lets us keep ownership of our game. It has provided us with invaluable input and feedback from Sony," developer DrinkBox's Chris Harvey explained.

About a Blob looks to be a good fit for PlayStation fans, combining Katamari Damacy with LocoRoco. You control an alien blob who can eat anything smaller than him, allowing him to grow. Eventually, you'll grow large enough to be able to "eat the world."

Tales from Space is expected to hit early next year.

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