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Disney Interactive gets two new presidents

Justin McElroy

Their names were John Pleasants and James Pitaro -- two hard-nosed CEOs from different sides of the track -- even though everybody who knew anything called them Jack and Jim. Jack grew up on the mean streets of EA until he gave 'em the clean sneak and shacked up with Playdom. Man, the team there was so green Kermit woulda tossed them a pity nickel, but he worked 'em into a lean crew the Mouse House just couldn't resist.

Pitaro, now he used to real choir boy, running sports over at Yahoo!. That was until someone from the media division looked at him the wrong way and he cleaned house over there so bad he was the only one left standing to see how spic 'n' span it was.

Now when the two of them took over as co-presidents of Disney Interactive way back at the beginning of October 2010, the two of them really started getting gashouse. Heck, there wasn't a fakealoo artist or roundheel left in that clip joint after Jack (who ran the games) and Jim (the online guy) were finished tuning them up.

Yep, they was about the best damn buttons I ever seen ... best I ever seen.

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