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WoW Moviewatch: Orc vs. Wild: Hillsbrad


Wowcrendor continues to deliver the suspense by watching Boar Thrills try and keep his morale up in Orc vs. Wild: Hillsbrad. This series has definite potential for after Cataclysm releases, as I'd be thrilled to see Boar struggle to survive in Deathwing's destruction paradise.

I was a little confused by the morale system at first, since I was trying to find a similar system in World of Warcraft. I guess there was the old pet loyalty system for hunters, but that didn't seem to be what Wowcrendor was going for here. Still, once I stopped trying to fight that similarity, I was totally able to rock out and love the video. And really, when there's a murloc involved, how can you not have fun?

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