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Report: World of Warcraft movie on ice, as Raimi commits to Disney's 'Oz' prequel


There comes a time in all great directors' careers when they must choose between not another sequel, a video game adaptation and the almost-always-panned (but-oh-so-high-grossing) remake/reboot. Sam Raimi has apparently gone with Plan D, as in Disney's Wizard of Oz 3D prequel, reports In making his choice, Raimi seemingly puts off directing the World of Warcraft movie, to which he's been officially attached since last summer (he abandoned "Spider-Man 4" long ago).

While Legendary Pictures, which owns the WoW movie rights, has yet to reveal its next move, we have to imagine the studio is now in hot pursuit of David Fincher. After all, the director has been heavily applauded for his adaptation of the "Facebook story" and would seem a likely candidate to depict the dramatic significance of a billion-dollar fantasy sustained by socialized grinding.

Wait -- you mean it's supposed to be a live-action Warcraft universe movie? Like with orcs and elves and things? Yeah, we'd totally pick Oz, too.

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