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3M Shoot 'n Share camcorder projector gets reviewed, does what it says on the box


You should know by now that the 3M Shoot 'n Share is aptly named: it shoots 720p video and stills, and it shares with a 640 x 480 built-in pico projector. Simple, yes? What you might not know is how well the thing actually works, and for that we have a helpful review from PicoProjector-info. It basically confirms any fears you might've had about the combination: it's not the best pocket camcorder, and it's not the best pico projector (even 3M's own similarly-specced MPro-150 model bests it). The good news is that it absolutely works, and is certainly passable in both of its stated aims, along with being fairly easy to operate. Not too bad for $300.

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