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Two Earthrise screenshots enter; one Earthrise screenshot leaves


It took the end of the world to finally see what we were missing all along: gorgeous vistas of a post-apocalyptic wonderland. Masthead Studios continues to dribble out information about Earthrise in the form on screenshots, and today we're glad to bring you two new peeks into the strangely lush world after the fall of civilization and the rise of a dysfunctional new society.

You can see the UI elements in these screenies, and it is obvious from them that Masthead is ascribing to a minimalistic UI so that all eyes can remain on the sights and action before you. Plus, we notice there's no mention of SWG this time in the chat window, which leaves us no room for wild speculation! While we wait for the real information tide to finally roll in, comfort yourself during the wait with these new screenshots in our Earthrise gallery below.

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