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AT&T finally dates U-verse on Xbox 360, coming Friday

Nearly four years after announcing that the Xbox 360 would support Microsoft's IPTV Mediaroom platform, and nine months after demoing AT&T's U-verse service running on the gaming console, AT&T has just announced "the Oct. 15 launch of U-verse TV on Xbox 360 for U-verse customers." Want to watch the U-verse service in your gaming dungeon, but don't have an extra receiver? Since the service requires an existing TV box in the household, that's about the only scenario (bedroom maybe?) we can imagine this being useful. If you do sign up, you get the undeniably cool benefit of being able to "receive chat and game invitations from friends through Xbox Live while watching live TV." Or you could wait until early next year and snag Hulu Plus.

Not so fast! In order to get U-verse on your Xbox 360, you'll need to first figure out what kind of customer you are. New customers will need to order the $99 Xbox kit (which doesn't include an Xbox ... in fact, we're not sure what it includes) when subscribing to the service. A U-verse "technician" will load the software onto your Xbox during installation of the service. If you're already a subscriber, Engadget reports that you'll need to buy the $99 kit and shell out $55 for "installation." Again, that installation is loading software on your internet-connected game console.

So it's not as impressive as it sounded in 2007, sure. But who knew we'd have streaming Netflix and Hulu in the future?

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