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Finally -- multi-windowing under iOS


I'm sure that all of us have had this dilemma at one time or another. You want multiple windows open on your iDevices, so you get 'em all going at once, laid out on the couch around you. You're watching a movie on your iPhone and surfing the web on your iPad at the same time, and if you have to get up to go make more popcorn, there's a tendency to fumble all of the equipment. What's a geek to do?

Julian Horsey from Geeky Gadgets came up with the perfect solution -- the iPad iPhone Connector Clip, a do-it-yourself project for making a clip that holds your iPhone snugly on top of your iPad so you can use them both simultaneously. Using a 24 cm. long piece of plastic "U" extrusion, scissors, super glue, a Dremel tool, and fast-dry enamel paint, Horsey created a mount that will be particularly useful to those with jailbroken iPhones using MyWi for tethering of their iPads.

Horsey is quick to remind potential project wannabees that they can cut a few steps by finding plastic extrusion that's already in an "H" shape, thus eliminating the step of gluing the two "U" extrusions back to back. He also points out that the same incredible technology can be used to connect two iPads or two iPhones together. Me? I'm looking forward to connecting four iPads together for a reading / surfing / watching / tweeting experience like I've never had before.

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