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Virgin Mobile Canada getting Samsung Galaxy 5, Bold 9780, and more this quarter?

Chris Ziegler

If only Virgin Mobile were this cool in the States, right? The company shares little more than a name with its American doppelganger, but the fact remains that Sprint's subsidiary could probably learn a thing or two from its buddy to the north (Samsung Intercept notably excepted). MobileSyrup says that the Android-powered Galaxy 5 (not to be confused with the much higher-end "S" line) with a 2.8-inch display will be hitting on November 12 for free on contract, while the still-unannounced Bold 9780 -- specifically identified as a "refresh" here, presumably to the 9700 -- is in the cards for CAD $149 ($147). There are also low-end LG Sway and Flick feature phones that you'll be able to hook up for free... but now that the Galaxy 5 promises to bring the era of free Android into the fold, it'll be interesting to see if manufacturers can keep these dumbphone offerings compelling enough to stick around.

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