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Olympus not looking to replace the everyman DSLR E-620, thinks PEN system fits the bill

Tim Stevens

The E-620 from Olympus, the company's latest attempt at an entry-level DSLR, was well reviewed upon release, said to be the best mix of performance and value of any of the company's DSLRs released to date. However, that date is something of a problem: summer of 2009, and today's camera fans are hungry for updates at least every year. Is a successor coming? No, according to Product Manager Toshiyuki Terada, at least not in the near-term. He believes that the "entry level SLR class can be completely replaced by the PEN system in terms of performance." Yes, the compact, replaceable lens PEN system that's currently found models like the E-P1 and E-P2. Mind you, we definitely enjoyed our time with the lesser expensive E-PL1, and all the little shooters have been impressing, but none quite delivers the DSLR feel that meaty-pawed amateurs covet. Maybe all they need is a little dose of 50 - 200mm telephoto to get over their anxiety.

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