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Around Azeroth: I can't remember if we said goodbye


In one of those weird moments of cross-server continuity, druids across Azeroth came together to say goodbye to their beloved tree form Monday night. Massive tree parties rocked the streets of Dalaran on Vek'nilash (EU), Kirin Tor (US), Durotan (EU) and Wyrmrest Accord (US), as well as a dozen other servers. Cenarion Circle even had a tree raid! Not to be outdone, there were also scattered sightings of shamans bidding farewell to their sentry totems and paladins trying one last bubble-hearth. Kevin, the submitter of this screenshot, decided to give his tree form one last tour of Moonglade. Unfortunately, he was possessed in the process, and now the Demon Tree lies in wait, hoping to re-enact that scene from The Evil Dead.

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