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New Apple Store opening in the St. Louis Galleria this weekend


This weekend Apple will open up its 305th retail store in the St. Louis Galleria mall, right there at Brentwood and 40-64 (which I heard finally finished construction recently). Saturday is day one, and the store should be open at 9am, so if you want to be around for the festivities (including the t-shirts and the hoopla), make plans for this Saturday morning.

I'm kind of surprised the Galleria didn't have an Apple Store yet -- the only other one in St. Louis is down at the West County Mall, but I'd have expected to see one in Chesterfield, or maybe out in St. Charles somewhere. The Galleria is a good choice, though -- upscale and central, exactly where Apple wants to be. As always, if you head out to the opening and take pictures, be sure to send them along to us, we'd love to see them.

Update: Oh, well that shows how long it's been since I've visited St. Louis. There is a store in the Galleria already, but according to our commenters, it's a mini-store, and this opening on Saturday will be a full retail opening in another location in the mall. So there you go -- still an opening, but not completely new. That explains my confusion -- I thought the Galleria would have had a store by now, and it did.

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