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T-Mobile busts out new prepaid plans with data options, mix-and-match voice and text

Chris Ziegler

Come October 18, T-Mobile USA will be shaking things up in the prepaid market with a handful of new options that finally acknowledge users -- yes, even those on prepaid plans -- are gobbling data in droves. Unlimited voice and text with 2GB of data will run $70 a month; the same plan with just 100MB of data will run $50, and for $30, you'll be able to get a pretty interesting concept that includes any combination of 1,500 minutes and text messages plus 30MB of data. For $1.49 per day, you'll be able to sign up for a Web DayPass, which gives you unlimited browsing capability on any data-capable phone; T-Mobile tells us BES isn't currently supported, but that shouldn't be an issue for most.

If straight-up data is more your thing, you'll want to check out the T-Mobile Jet (pictured), T-Mobile's first dedicated prepaid data stick. The new modem commemorates the launch of a handful of prepaid data options, including $10 for a weekly allowance of 100MB, $30 for 300MB monthly, and $50 for 1GB monthly. We'd hoped that T-Mobile would resist the urge to cap data and follow through with the bandwidth throttling option instead, but then again, we suppose things work a little differently in the prepaid market. Look for the Jet to hit retail online on the 18th of this month, followed by in-store availability on the 20th. Follow the break for the full press release.

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Increasingly, customers are demanding affordable wireless data and mobile broadband services on their choice of handsets or mobile broadband devices, and prepaid customers are no exception. In response, T-Mobile is announcing today that it has evolved its prepaid offerings to include data plans for feature phones and smartphones, as well as to introduce exciting new wireless broadband kits and rate plans that help prepaid customers stay connected while on the go.

Prepaid Monthly Phone Data Plans
On Oct. 18, T-Mobile plans to introduce a suite of new prepaid plans that include voice and text messaging service, as well as several options for prepaid data service. These plans include the first prepaid that allows customers to use any combination of minutes or messages up to 1,500 from a major carrier in the U.S. Plans include:
$70/month Unlimited Talk and Text with 2 GB of Data
$50/month Unlimited Talk and Text with 100 MB of Data
$30/month 1,500 Talk and Text (mix and match voice and text messages) with 30 MB of Data
Unlimited Text and $0.10/minute
$1.49/day Web DayPass

T-Mobile Jet Prepaid USB Laptop Stick & Rate Plans
Next week, T-Mobile will also launch its first prepaid mobile broadband offerings, including the new T-Mobile Jet Prepaid USB Laptop Stick, in white.
The T-Mobile Jet Prepaid USB Laptop Stick comes in white, pre-packaged with a prepaid SIM card, user guide, and plug & play connection manager software. Available on on Oct. 18 and in T-Mobile retail stores on Oct. 20.

Customers interested in trying mobile broadband or those who aren't frequent users can take advantage of several prepaid mobile broadband service options:
$10 week pass (100 MB)
$30 month pass (300 MB)
$50 month pass (1 GB)

T-Mobile's prepaid mobile broadband plans have no annual contract, no credit check, no overages and can be used with any of the company's mobile broadband products.

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