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New MacBook Air has many batteries, few hard drives

Aron Trimble

An anonymous tipster has sent an image to our friends across the hall at the Engadget HQ and what a treat it is. The image appears to be of the upcoming MacBook Air that is likely to be announced at Wednesdays "Back to the Mac" event.

Features include a re-designed case, more internal room for battery packs, and a 0GB hard drive. Wait, what? In this particular example, there doesn't appear to be a hard drive. This leaves us to speculate that there must be multiple models of the Air and this particular SKU is probably making use of some sort of flash-based storage device.

The MacBook Air hasn't received a substantial hardware upgrade in quite some time and the newer Unibody MacBooks have many features not found in the MacBook Air. Whether this is the new MacBook Air or not, this Wednesday cannot arrive quickly enough.

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