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YouTube Leanback officially launches with Google TV


Now that Google has launched its TV platform, the YouTube interface designed to make browsing those vids similar to watching standard television has officially launched as well. YouTube Leanback is all about fullscreen video playing immediately, so if you bring it up on your Google TV device or just any regular web browser, don't be surprised to be launched immediately into whatever Google might think you're interested in based on previous views, subscriptions and favorites. The only difference we noted from several months ago is that it appears mouse support has been added. Honestly, we're feeling like may Google doesn't know us that well, since our initial experience didn't find many videos we actually wanted to watch among those recommended. There's no easy way to bring up videos you've previously watched or favorited, which, despite a rather effective search menu has us favoring YouTube XL for our ten-foot experience for now. Check out the site for yourself and let us know if you feel the same way.

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