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God of War Collection coming to PSN in November


Does the very thought of standing up, walking to your PlayStation 3 and inserting a Blu-ray disc incite utter, uncontrollable rage? In an effort to counter vengeful rampages against Sony's higher management, the publisher has announced a downloadable version of God of War Collection.

Set to arrive on Tuesday, November 2, alongside God of War: Ghost of Sparta, the PlayStation Network compilation will feature the remastered God of War and God of War 2 -- both running in 720p native resolution at 60 frames per second -- but will not include any of the bonus content from the Blu-ray release.

According to the European PlayStation Blog, the greek growl-a-thons will be sold separately for €18/£14 each, or as a bundle for €30/£24. That's quite a bit higher than the cost of the Blu-ray collection, and we hope the observation won't apply to the US price when it's announced. You have enough reasons to be angry as it is -- just look at how far away the remote control is today.

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