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Verizon's FiOS Mobile Remote app ready for iPhone

Keith M

Verizon has had their FiOS DVR Manager app available for some time. Now, the company has released another offering to the App Store in the way of a wireless remote.

Using the Verizon FiOS Mobile Remote requires you to be connected to your FiOS-provided wireless network in order for it to work. Once you follow the simple steps presented by the app, you'll be paired with your cable box and have the ability to quickly change channels, traverse the on-set programming guide, and control the DVR. You know, like the actual cable box remote already does.

I've tried the app out, and it was certainly painless to set up. The controls are surprisingly responsive and, dare I say, may actually work faster than the standard IR remote. The biggest plus to using the app is the presence of a QWERTY keyboard. No more cursor-ing around an on-screen keyboard to search for programs!

I'm not really sure why Verizon didn't just roll these functions into the DVR Manager app, but I guess they have their reasons. Both apps are free and on the App Store now.

[via electronista]

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