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Witcher 2 questing on consoles now in question... apparently always was


The Witcher 2 has apparently been downgraded to a "potential" console release. Speaking with Eurogamer, senior producer Tomasz Gop said any "potential console release" wouldn't join the PC launch next March. Regarding the status of the console version, the representative merely offered a "no comment."

Following up with company spokesman Tom Ohle, he informed Joystiq: "We never did confirm a console release of [The Witcher 2]. The situation is still that we do want to bring the Witcher franchise to console gamers at some point, and we've buit an engine capable of console development... but have made no formal announcements of plans for a console release."

Although the game is looking mighty fancy on PC, we've yet to see The Witcher 2 running on any console. CD Projekt originally planned for the first Witcher to make its way to consoles, too, though that project was canceled reportedly due to financial issues.

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