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Facelette brings random chat to FaceTime for Mac


Sometimes it's very easy to predict the future. Just as the day follows the night and the sniffles follow ragweed pollen, we can confidently say that within a short time there will be incidents of unwanted exposure on Facelette, followed by urgent cries to protect the innocent, and likely as not the collapse and disappearance of the whole thing shortly after. The path trodden by Chatroulette is a wide one -- but maybe we can hope for some awesome piano improvisation along the way.

In the meantime, if you're of a mind to video chat with random strangers via FaceTime for Mac, check out the service. Developer Zach Holman acknowledges he whipped it up in "about an hour" and that it's "dumb as hell." You definitely want to create a throwaway/spampot email address for this, rather than your fulltime Apple ID.

[via Hacker News & Download Squad]

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