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Fable 3 'Villager Maker' kinda working now


A couple days back, folks who pre-ordered Fable 3 may have received their redemption codes for the Villager Maker, only to discover it didn't work. Well, today the system appears to be working, with some significant hiccups. We were able to get through the process, but we won't be able to confirm if it worked until Fable 3 launches next week on October 26.

To design your villager, you'll have to log into and redeem the code (which expires Nov. 23) you received from a participating retailer. We had issues getting the system to work at all with Firefox, but it did respond to Safari -- what we're saying is, try a different browser if you're having problems. Also, we couldn't generate the face of any character who wasn't of the Caucasian persuasion, but their body did acknowledge other skin tones. Once again, we have no idea if the whole system actually works, but at least the website and redemption system is currently working.

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