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Photos from the opening of the Chicago Lincoln Park Apple Store


We received a handful of emails from Apple fanboys who had visited the new Lincoln Park Apple Store in Chicago on Saturday. The store is beautiful, and there's a garden on the top of the building. TUAW reader Thomas Matysik visited the store at about 1 PM on Saturday and snagged a t-shirt, which is definitely different from the generic black t-shirts that are normally handed out at Apple Store openings.

Thomas also attempted to visit the rooftop garden, but he ended up in the basement with a group of Apple employees instead. He was told that the garden was more for "sustainability purposes rather than to be looked at," and ended up not seeing it.

Thomas sent a number of photos from the opening, which can be viewed in the gallery below. The photo above was from a gallery of photos on the Apple website.

Gallery: Thomas Matysik - Lincoln Park Apple Store Opening | 16 Photos

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