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Download, play, and convert most video formats with Miro

Sam Abuelsamid

Apple's built-in QuickTime video player is fine if all you ever want to watch are files in the limited number of formats that it supports. However, if you need to playback files that are encoded in Xvid, DivX, WebM, or even the dreaded FLV, you'll need something with a bit more capability. VLC is one choice that works great for playback of all of these various formats, but the Miro player has just been bumped to version 3.5, and it offers a number of capabilities that VLC can't match.

In addition to being a multi-format video player, Miro is also a BitTorrent client that can subscribe to video feeds, automatically download new episodes, and add them to your library. Miro lets you organize your video content, create playlists, and automatically delete shows that have been watched.

There is even a built-in conversion tool that can export to MP3, MP4, Ogg Theora, or Ogg Vorbis, with presets to support both Apple and Android devices and the Sony PSP. Miro is open source and comes in OS X, Windows, and Linux versions.

[via Download Squad]

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