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One Shots: Pimp my ride

With the news that Cryptic Studios is going to change Champions Online to a free-to-play model, people are now postulating whether or not Star Trek Online might soon follow suit. While nobody has a firm answer on that (except perhaps the powers that be at Cryptic), there are still quite a number of folks enjoying the game just as it is. One such example comes to us from mwilliams, who managed to trick out his ship and wanted to show off the shiny awesomeosity: "Hi there! This is a screen shot of my Rear Admiral character in Star Trek Online, with his new ship of the Nomad class. I was able to really pimp it out with the burgundy red highlights. He is sitting outside of the Earth spacedock, ready to start on the Diplomatic mission trail."

Do you have a screenshot from a game we haven't seen recently? Would you like to update us on your recent adventures or accomplishments? All you have to do is email your screenshot to us here at! Be sure to include a note with your name, the name of the game, and a heads-up about what makes your screenshot awesome. Then relax and enjoy the limelight here on One Shots!

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