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GigaPan wins the World Series with 1,539 megapixel zoomable image


Apparently, the US is in throes of another major sporting event. The one where male humans chase balls with sticks and gloves made from wood and cow. How do we know this? Easy, a new 79,828 X 19,290 pixel GigaPan image has just been released for you to get pervy with as the MLB invites you to scour all 1,539 megapixels for friends and family or people whom you wish were your friends or family. The image was taken over a 17-minute span and consists of 280 photos stitched together into an ultra hi-res image. You can even link the site to your Facebook account and start tagging everyone you know. Now hit the source below and let the voyeuristic zoomfest begin!

[Thanks, Danny W.]

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