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Dance Central 2 in 'basic pre-production'


With everyone focused on Microsoft's gamble on Kinect, it can be easy to forget that there are other companies with a lot on the line as well. Harmonix is one such company, one arguably producing one of the most buzzworthy Kinect titles, Dance Central. Assuming Dance Central maintains said buzz and generates significant sales after launch, it shouldn't be surprising to know that Harmonix has big plans for the series.

CEO Alex Rigopulos recently told MCV that Dance Central could "spark a phenomenon, much like the original Guitar Hero did," adding that he "sure as hell" hopes Harmonix can produce a sequel. It certainly seems like the company has faith in the game, with Rigopulos admitting that "basic pre-production" for a sequel is already underway, though Harmonix is currently putting most of its focus on DLC.

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