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38 Studios Rhode Island deal still up in the air

Jef Reahard

Just when we thought 38 Studios' epic quest to move its guild headquarters to Rhode Island was nearing its conclusion, a posting on the blog of a local television news outlet casts a bit of doubt on the successful outcome of the proceedings. Reporter Ted Nesi writes that the state's Economic Development Commission is itching to close the $75 million loan it's taken out for 38 Studios.

However, if Lincoln Chafee wins the governorship in today's election, it could trigger a showdown, given the candidate's outspoken criticism of the deal. The other leading candidate, Frank Caprio, has said that if elected, he will "march down to EDC headquarters on Wednesday to do something unspecified about 38 Studios."

In other 38 Studios news, Amazon has recently published the official box art of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the first official game to come out of Curt Schilling's company (currently slated for a September 2011 release). Check out the details, as well as a new screenshot, at 38gamers.

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