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Rumor: SOCOM's Slant Six working on multiplayer Resident Evil


Known best for its work on the SOCOM franchise, Vancouver-based Slant Six Games is rumored be working on a forthcoming Resident Evil title for Capcom. The game is said to be named "Resident Evil: Raccoon City." According to a document handed to Kotaku, the unannounced RE title is team-based, with various Slant Six employees' LinkedIn profiles indicating the studio is working on an unannounced "multiplayer action game." The Slant Six official website indicates that "an amazing new project" is in development in conjunction with a "new publishing partner on a world class franchise."

For its part, Capcom maintains that it "does not respond to rumors and/or speculation," and Slant Six had yet to respond to request for comment as of publishing. Sharing one of its biggest franchises with a Western developer wouldn't be a new strategy for Capcom -- Dead Rising 2 was developed by Vancouver-based Blue Castle Games (which Capcom subsequently purchased), and Devil May Cry is now in the hands of Enslaved developer Ninja Theory.

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