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Vindictus takes a look at casting with Evie

Eliot Lefebvre

The highly active nature of Vindictus has made the game a bit of a darling within the free-to-play community for the time being, but many of the class spotlights thus far have focused on getting into your opponent's face and carving him up. All well and good, but sometimes you'd rather just hang out in the back and start casting some fireballs or summon up devastating golems from the surrounding debris. If that sounds like your cup of tea, the latest video from the game will be for you.

Evie is a caster, focusing less upon beating things to death with a staff and more on controlling the battlefield via magic. Among the spells on display are her abilities to summon golems, create magic turrets to attack enemies, and reverse gravity to give party members a fighting edge. Click on past the break to take a look at what things look like in Vindictus from the caster's point of view. (Here's a hint: It's violent.)

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