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Ace Attorney Investigations 2 out February in Japan, includes Edgeworth figure


We now have two reasons for wanting to play Ace Attorney Investigations 2 in Japanese, despite knowing full well how difficult and unfulfilling it is. Were we to pick it up from Japan, we'd be able to play it starting February 3. It hasn't been confirmed for release outside of Japan.

Capcom announced that release date today, along with a collectors edition, and two special edition packages exclusive to Capcom's Japanese online store (which is currently down) -- the other tempting reason to buy a Japanese version. The Collectors Package includes an orchestral soundtrack, a DVD featuring trailers and TGS stage show footage, and a manga booklet, all priced at ¥6,090 ($75.42).

The e-Capcom exclusive Limited Edition includes all the aforementioned items, plus a 1/10 scale figurine of Miles Edgeworth, for ¥8,000 ($99.07). If you want the game and figure, but not the limited edition stuff, e-Capcom has that for ¥7,140 ($88.42). Spending a hundred bucks on a game we can't read just to get a figurine is a pretty terrible tribute to Edgeworth -- it would just be so illogical.

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