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Dragon Age Legends Facebook game unlocks items in Dragon Age 2


Dragon Age Legends is a Facebook-based strategy RPG launching this February. Perhaps more importantly, it's a method through which you'll be able to unlock stuff in the upcoming Dragon Age 2. Legends takes place in Kaiten, a city in the Dragon Age 2 setting of the Free Marches. Players ally themselves with a Viscount named Ravi (nephew of Khedra) in order to save Ravi's son Elton from danger and protect the Free Marches.

"Alongside their Facebook friends," according to EA, "players will take on challenging quests within an engaging storyline, earning loot, sharing rewards and growing their kingdom." EA 2D general manager Mark Spenner hopes to "raise the quality bar" of Facebook games with this offering, in order to draw traditional gamers.

While we don't know exactly how Legends' cooperative tactical combat works, we'll find out soon enough: EA will hold a beta for the title starting in January, with invitations distributed to lucky EA account holders who have Facebook accounts and subscriptions to the Dragon Age Newsletter -- and who sign up for the beta, of course.

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