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EA signs 5 year deal with Facebook


Electronic Arts' social gaming plans march ever onward as the publisher signs a five-year "strategic relationship" with Facebook. The agreement will find Facebook Credits becoming the exclusive payment method in EA games on the platform. EA, under its Playfish brand (obtained for $300 million), currently has two of the top 10 Facebook games in Pet Society and Restaurant City.

A similar five-year deal was announced earlier this year by social gaming top dog, Zynga, after the developer had a kerfuffle about the 30 percent cut Facebook took whenever users purchased in-game items using Facebook Credits.

It turns out EA is apparently cool with the 30 percent cut, as those were the terms of the publisher's agreement with the social media platform behemoth. Electronic Arts will soon launch Monopoly and its Pogo Games brand (about 20 titles) on Facebook, so it can start raking in cash from the platform's 500 million users.

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