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Rumor: New Silent Hill movie based on Silent Hill 3, will be in 3D


Back in August, Fangoria was told that the sequel to the Silent Hill movie was on hold following screenwriter Roger Avary's legal issues. But now that same publication has heard that the movie's back on -- Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is supposedly in preproduction, will follow the story of Heather Mason from Silent Hill 3, and yes, will be in 3D. Michael J. Bassett is attached to write and direct, with Lionsgate, Konami and Davis Films doing the production. All of this is still just rumored, but Helldescent reports that producer Don Carmody expects an official announcement "very soon."

We'll leave the pre-judgment of 3D to you guys, but we will go ahead and begin a dirge for poor James Sunderland of Silent Hill 2, whose story is apparently not good enough to make into a movie. Poor James -- not only did he get terrorized by his own sexual dysfunctions, but Hollywood hates him, too.

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