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AAPL could hit $410 according to R.W. Baird analyst

Sam Abuelsamid

If only this blogger had held onto that Apple stock that was bought for about $8 while dabbling in the market in the late-1990s. Instead the profits from selling it at $27 a share were put into such wise investments as Webvan. The only good thing about my dot com bubble investing period is that only a small chunk of money was set aside to play with and no more was added. On the other hand if I had just had more patience and stayed in Apple, I'd have a very nice chunk of change with it now trading at over $317 per share and likely to go much higher.

According to a recent Associated Press article, William V. Power, an analyst with R.W. Baird is projecting that AAPL shares will be trading at as much as $410 before long and he is not alone. Numerous analysts have projected $400+ for Apple and the average of 38 different projections is $370.50. The key to that continued growth according to Power is the iPhone which currently only commands about three percent of global mobile phone sales. As smartphones grab an ever larger stake of the handset market, Apple and its prime competitors, Android and Windows Phone 7 are all likely to see big gains in the next few years and that will certainly help Apple's bottom line and stock price.

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