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Heavy Rain's deleted scenes exposed, reveal 'supernatural' connection for origami killer


You may have missed this behind-the-scenes video of Heavy Rain on the PlayStation Network last week. This very revealing, spoiler-filled video highlights some of the deleted scenes and concepts for Quantic Dream's adventure game.

Did you know that Ethan was originally supposed to have dream sequences during his blackouts? These sequences would highlight his "supernatural" connection to the origami killer, somehow manifested when Jason was killed. We're glad these scenes were removed, just because they're Indigo Prophecy-esque missteps.

The video also explains why Madison Paige is an insomniac, and it's not because of the events of The Taxidermist. Instead, concept art reveals Madison's time as a Iraq War journalist. Apparently, the horror of war is what causes her sleepless nights.

Finally, a deleted scene shows the origami killer getting rid of one last victim. You may recognize her, but we'll let the video show you what was cut.

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