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Pentax Optio RZ10 reviewed: image quality issues rear their ugly heads

Darren Murph

Pentax's Optio RZ10 looked fairly impressive on paper, and even when we handled it at Photokina, we reckoned it would be quite the standout in the bargain-bin point-and-shoot arena. Turns out that's not exactly the case. The fine folks over at PhotographyBLOG have put this pup through its paces, and while the handling, build quality and price all felt right, the image quality... well, didn't. And as you well know, there's hardly a silver lining to find when a camera's images aren't up to snuff. Even at ISO 200, critics spotted startling amounts of noise, "smearing of fine detail and loss of color saturation, with all three problems getting progressively worse as you work your way up the range to the true top speed of ISO 1600." At right around $200, it's still a well-priced compact, but with cameraphones getting progressively more adept, do you really need yet another ho hum gadget to push through airport security? Hit the source link for the fully skinny.

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