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Super Guide returns in Donkey Kong Country Returns


Last year, New Super Mario Bros. Wii introduced the "Super Guide" -- if you died eight times in one level, you'd get the option to have Luigi play through it for you (and you could take back control at any time) -- and gaming was ruined forever. (Not really.)

Nintendo has since included the Super Guide in Super Mario Galaxy 2, and today the company officially announced that the feature will return in Retro Studios' Donkey Kong Country Returns. Should you die eight times (apparently the magic number just before most controllers are smashed!) in any level, you'll be able to initiate a playthrough by the white "Super Kong." Once he takes over, you can either watch the rest of the level be played for you or resume playing it once Super Kong passes any problem area. Of course, you won't get to keep any of the bananas, "KONG" letters or other collectibles picked up by Super Kong -- he has to be rewarded with something for his masterful efforts, right?

Our own first experience with the game, along with a subsequent preview, suggests that we might no longer shun the Super Guide when it comes to Donkey Kong Country Returns. We fully expect to be rescued by Super Kong at least once.

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