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Apple changes policy on liquid damage to iPods


According to a memo acquired by The Boy Genius Report (BGR), Apple has altered its policy on treating iPods with water damage. Under the new guidelines, service personnel will be required to do two things. First, confirm that the device's internal Liquid Contact Indicators (LCIs) had been activated. Second, the tech must positively identify secondary evidence of water damage. Previously, they were only required to confirm the LCI activation. BGR wonders if Apple has begun to mistrust the LCIs, and therefore ordered the search for secondary confirmation.

Last year, a number of users complained of damage suffered while using the iPhone during a workout. Yes, the iPhone plays music and has that spiffy Nike + app, but if you're going to hit the gym, we suggest picking up a US$49 dollar -- and significantly more liquid-resistant -- iPod shuffle.

[Via iPodNN]

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