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Urban warfare comes to Fantasy Earth Zero

Eliot Lefebvre

Fantasy Earth Zero's central conceit is what ultimately stands as an unwinnable contest of thrones, five nations battling for supremacy over the central continent. Up until now, the battle for control of Melpharia has been kept in fields and away from civilization... but that's changing with the addition of new maps bringing the conflict into the city. Two new maps are being added to the game, making up the last part of the game's far-reaching Season 2 update that's included a new class, new features, and now a new set of battlefields.

Due to hit the live servers at some point tomorrow, the new maps are focused around street fighting in both larger urban environments and smaller villages. With Fantasy Earth Zero's emphasis on action-based combat, the narrow streets and limited passageways will have a decisive impact on gameplay. Players will also be treated to a new worldwide single-elimination tournament in the colosseum, with the national rulers using the tournament to determine their most admirable and skilled warriors. It's the sort of thing that could have FEZ players dancing in the streets -- or, as seems more likely, preparing for battle in them.

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