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Zaggmate iPad keyboard case joins the fray

David Quilty

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Have an iPad but still feel the need to have a case and/or keyboard to go with it? While we have certainly seen similar iPad cases with keyboards and even some cases made out of wood, you may want to check out the newest addition to the "iPad case with keyboard" category from Zagg. While there are two different versions of this new Zaggmate case, one with a built-in QWERTY keyboard and one without, I imagine the one with the keyboard will be the bigger seller of the two, especially for those looking to make their iPad their travel computer.

Made from anodized aluminum and packed with military grade high-density padding, the keyboard connects with your iPad via Bluetooth, enabling horizontal or vertical use. Priced at US$99.99 with the keyboard and $69.99 without, Zagg says the cases are "Coming Soon" but you can sign up to get an email notification when they are available for sale. Check out videos of both models below.

[via Engadget]

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