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Perfect World is back to the Kung Foo! dojo


Back in February (yes, we know it's hard to remember that far back) Perfect World Entertainment announced that it was pulling the highly anticipated martial-arts MMO Kung Foo! out of beta. The game's developers believed the game needed some rehabilitation to recover from some devastating injuries inflicted by the opinions of the beta testers.

Today, the game zen masters have announced the free-to-play RPG has re-centered its qi and is now known as Legend of Martial Arts. The game now features an all-new look and feel, not to mention a variety of new quests and content. LOMA is also pleased to announce a new race called the Reavers, who, of course, have a brand new starting zone.

Closed beta for the new design starts on November 24th. Each player who who helped out in the Kung Foo! beta will receive not only an automagic invitation to the closed beta but also a Gold Prize -- an item that grants one day of double XP -- for his or her first character created in open beta. For more detail check out the official Legend of Martial Arts website.

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